Change of aspect

I took the last controls out of the forest in the morning. We had a nice bunch of people orienteering the “Iltarastit” I arranged yesterday (sixty runners is good on our scale) and the weather was good too. I’ve trained quite easily these two days and even though putting and taking out the controls gives you some nice excercise I feel recovered now.

I think it’s good to arrange these Iltarastit from time to time and change the aspect from top orienteer to organiser for a while. When you do all the things from course planner to time keeper, you’ll definitely remember to apreciate the people that arrange o-events. There’s just so much things to remember and people tend to complain about some stupid little things so easily. Besides, arranging a training’s also fun and interesting and it’s good to work for your club once a year at least.

For those of you that travel to Finland some day and wonder how to find some nice trainings on the way, I recommend our national calendar for kuntorastit where you can easily put the dates and places where you visit and find a variety of o-trainings. I can also recommend this mapservice which offers you basic maps from Finland. We’re often trying to find this kind of map services from other countries, which makes all the hikes and runs easier.

You can also check out some other aspects of mine from this little video on the webpage of Fazer (only in Finnish). Next weekend, I’ll be enjoying the aspect of elite orienteer in Finnspring again with almost 3000 other runners!







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