WROOOM, the season is ON!

The national season start was yesterday and I ended up to have a nice and sweet smile on my face again. Silja-Rastit was the name of the game, as usual, and I was a good girl. Of course the first touch of Finnish terrain left some 30-40 seconds to improve, but I was really happy to keep my orienteering under control all the time. Check my route in Routegadget.

I’ve orienteered very intensively during the last month, maybe more than ever in the spring, and trained well, too. Someone may think that I’m trying to catch up the other girls way too quickly. But I believe I’ve been wice enough as I’ve actually made all the slower trainings embarrassengly slowly and I think that has been the key to get it going on so well.

So, my competions are going well. But today, we made some o-intervalls here in  Kisakallio sports center, where, we’re about to stay a couple days for a quick TC. However, as in too many o-trainings this spring, my performance was bad and I actually got sick of my lack of concentration and interest that I decided to come home before I make too much damage. I’ll also do my training without a map in the afternoon so that maybe tomorrow I can enjoy orienteering tasks again in our long distance training.

Otherwice, the conditions are finally warm and sunny here in Finland. I’ve already seen some spring flowers, butterflies and a smiling sun out there. Love this time of the year! After tomorrow, I’ll head to Asikkala and organize the first “iltarastit” (o-training) of the year for my club. Otherwice, I’ll keep the maps out of my sight before the long distance event, Finnspring, near Jukola-terrain. Just to make sure that good and smooth competition flow’s still there

Below some springish pics…



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