The rest days in Finland went in terms of a small stomache disease(again:() So the living was as quiet as on my webpages during the easter and we even had to reschedule our flights to Switzerland.

Yersterday I was, however, able to take part in a fast and easy relay training with other nations. I was happy to notice that the best of the best weren’t too much stronger than I was but I have to admit that I couldn’t take my favourite spot in the lead and struggled also behind. In fact, I also got disqualified , but that didn’t bother me too much. The most important information was that the girls aren’t as far away ahead as I thought. If I’m just able to leave these illness intervalls behind and take some road intervals instead it will all go nicely in the summer. ┬áNow, we’ve got some trainings here in rainy (and almost snowy) Switzerland and on Saturday is time to take a first look at a sprint map. It must feel abit weird as I’ve done zero sprinttrainings during the winter not to even mention the kilometers that I haven’t done on roads. Still, as everything’s just plus now, I feel that maybe I’ll get surprised by my sprint performance as well. On Sunday, we’ll have long distance, too. But I have to consider very carefully if I take part in that rally. It’s possible that I wont have enough fuel for the whole course…I’ll put some photos and maps later on if I’ve got time and will.

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