Next stop Nacka

It’s still winter in Finland so we made a quick decision in Hungary to move ourselves out of there as quickly as possible, especially now that I’m able to speed up again. The EOC-terrains in Sweden were snowfree, too, so we decided to enjoy the beautiful region of the lake Siljan for a couple of days. For some reason, I did quite bad job there fro time to time(see the map of Gesunda below) but when it was time to compete yesterday in Täby (results)  I made a nice performance again (map also below). My running seems to get better too when I get some adrenalin in the blood;)

Now, we’re spending still a couple of days here in Stockholm and even though we got one millimeter of snow too, I’m happy to be here as at home we’d still run on ice or in half a meter of snow. Tonight, we’ll participate in Lidingö’s night training i Nacka and then just a couple of nice trainings before heading back home. I quess we’d better take some rest then as we’re already travelling to Switzerland on Saturday for the first WOC-camp of the year. Have to still say, that I’m Enjoying so much to be able to run and sweat again. Just LOVE it!




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