Tattararaaa :) :) :)

It’s time for fanfares. I ran a competition today. A real o-event here in Hungary. And I was RUNNING and not just rolling down and walking up. It didn’t feel too easy, of course, especially as they had put so many countours on the map and even more into the forest. But I was still good. Couldn’t really imagine that I could do it now as just a couple of days ago I was still thinking that maybe I’ll never come back as I’ve got troubles with my back too.

Okay, of the 5 long months after getting mysteriously sick, I rested the frist three and now I’ve been doing quite alot of basic stuff. But you can count the hard trainings with one hand’s fingers. I’ve been running twice on a treadmill, once I made some uphill intervalls and then last week I made a o-training on routes. So, it’s a great day to notice that I didn’t get a heart attack nor did I feel any unusual pain. I’m just slower than usually, of course.

Now, I can start dreaming of the days when everything goes easily. I’ll just have to take it easy even if I wanted train my ass and brains off. Maybe in the summer, I’ll be the normal Minna again!

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