Girls week out

I spent the last week in Lapland with my friend and former national team runner Maria Rantala. At least she claims that she’ll concentrate on real life with BH.D in history from now on and leaves the blood, sweat and tears for others. Anyway none of us was too eager to speed up during the skiing sessions, so everything went just perfectly.  

One day I even participated in Maria’s telemark school. Maria showed me the theories on wikipedia and put me into the lift. The basic idea in her teaching was to “through the child from the boat and she’ll just have to learn to swim”. And it worked,too. I have done slalom only couple of times and never tried telemark but of course I’ve spent so many hours on crosscountry skis that it felt quite natural already from the beginning. Seven hours of telemark was also an okay strength training.

Well, now the great trip is over and it seems to me that there will be nice skiing conditions during the next weeks. My basic excercices are going quite nicely now and I quess it wont take too much time before my next harder trainings. Below you can check some pics from the snowy winter wonderland









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