Find the differences

Can you find the diffrences in these two pics?


The answer is one week and almost 50 degrees. And obviously a lot of clothes.

I have to admit that it wasn’t nice to return home at all. It looks really beautiful but it feels freaking cold. It was nice and warm enough in Portugal and I was even able to run some trainings. The terrains were so flat and easy to run that even a person with low batteries could run there.


After the trip I’ve been basically moving around at home as we even got a tiny stomache flu after it. Now, it’s just time to cycle inside and wait for lower temperatures that I could finally start my skiing season as well. -30 doesn’t really help.

So basic training in program. Next week heading to Vierumäki for a short TC and afterwards towards Lapland and the fells with a friend. Hopefully my training for the podium hasn’t been a waste of time when we turn towards spring and summer;)






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