Better year 2012!

We spent a white xmas at Pasi’s home and as the photo shows the little elfs had some time to play with it, too. In the Southern Finland the weather has been exceptionally warm and the ground’s still more or less black.

The warm weather is, however, quite suitable for orienteering and as we didn’t get any flights to hot places, we had a nice couple of days in Helsinki region. Pasi orienteered twice a day while I was still just wandering around. I wont speculate my health here now, but have to say that human body’s a complex cadget.

Well, next year I want and will be able to train again, so even though it’s been quite dark from time to time, I wont let the bad spirit take over. So, have a really great, wonderful and exciting new year and take care of yourselves!

xxx minna





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