Speechless, clueless and useless

I haven’t bee feeling like saying a single word. Not even a bad one. History repeats itself, but why does it have to do it so quickly? It seems to me that this isn’t just bad luck or a coinsidence. I’ve been more or less sick for the past five weeks now. After a heavy and quick feever I’ve been testing and resting and running more at doctors’ than on the paths.

On Tuesday, after visiting a cardiologist, I swore and promised that I won’t do anything for two weeks. After those weeks I’ll check all the stuff once more and then, hopefully, I’ll be able to train as I wanted, more professionally and better than ever. The basic feeling is okay at the moment, too, but when I run, everything’s just wrong.

Luckyly, I’ve been having some busy days during the past weeks. I’ve been having some media and sponsor stuff and we’re heading to the independece day castle with our Golden team and I’ve been testing the new dress that Voglia makes me. So life hasn’t been too boring. But now I should just be laying on the sofa but I’ve actually done some x-mas cards and drawn all day long. And it’s actually really good to have time for these other hobbies as well:)

Still, I’m feeling clueless and useless. We were supposed to have our first TC in the South already but now all the plans are left open. I hate these modern bugs that just wont die even if you take all kind of antibiotics and poisons at the same time. Monsters they are. But when they’re finally dead, they’re soooo dead. That I promise.

Calm weekend waiting again…but I’m still trying to Enjoy it!


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