A motorcycle in the garage

My calendar says that a new year starts next week. I wont probably ever do any analysis on last season as there’s not too many new things to say and not too many statistics to show. Well, I’m hardly ever doing analysis anyway:) However, I’ve been training eagerly in the autumn. Or I was three weeks ago before a cramp in my back and a fever, luckyly not in my lungs even though it almost feels like the same. Hopefully I’ll be able to start at least my maximum strength trainings next week.

For me, max strength trainings feel ridiculous. You make a couple of pushes and then just take it easy for a couple of minutes. Well, I’m definitely not just resting. I’m always doing  some abs or something in between to make it feel like doing sports. For me, hanging around in the gym is booooring but I hope I’m getting my ass there more often this autumn. It’s even funny that I think I should know by this age how to use the equipment there, but I don’t really. I’ve always just done some basic stuff on the floor if I’ve bothered to go there. Besides, I’m a bit scared of the free weights too.. a blond like me gets injured so easily playing with them.

Otherwice, I’ve been quite a lot at home. Doing just normal stuff, almost normal life. Tomorrow, I should run the traditintal Sadistic o-competition, but I quess I’ll have to hold back still and just walk, in order to get my lungs feeling normal again. Just so bored to not to be able train like crazy. It’s like keeping my fine and powerful motorcycle in the garage. It would be so nice to gas up to full speed. Get sadistically tired and be sickly happy about it. What a waste.

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