Last loops left

The season is almost over and so is the last TC and the World cup. In Czechs I got silver in the middle distance and gold in the long distance so it’s quite easy to continue the last cup-races here in Switzerland. The gps and other stuff from Liberec can be found here. And have to mention that even though I won the chasing start in  the long,  I think it’s not fair play for the ones starting first as the others may more or less just chase other’s backs while the ones in the lead are orienteering their asses out.

So, about the TC.  last week went in terms of lowspeed o-trainings for the next year’s WOC here in Switzerland. It’s going to be roady rallies with some blackberry bushes in the long and more or less a mixture of Scandinavian and Alpine terrains in the middle. Suits me.

Yesterday we enjoyed the model event (map) for tomorrow’s middle distance. The Alpine medows combined with big slopes seemed to be fast and fun. In a moment we’re getting on our sprint shoes and checking the model event for the sprint on Sunday as well as going around a little bit here in the city of La Chaux-les-Fonds. I’ve got basically no chance in the World cup this year but I’m definitely going to try my best and get up there somewhere on the result lists. The webpages of the Postfinance sprint are here.

So I’ll be running fast and orienteering furiously still a couple of times and then it’s time to take some kind of autumn brake. Even though I don’t really feel like that this year, I’ll probably leave the harder trainings out of my program. Otherwice I’ll also compete in the nigh cup in Jyväskylä region, starting next Wednesday.

PS: The IOF is running quite eagerly towards big changes in our WOC program. Last weekend after the world cup a bunch of elite orienteers had a meeting where we decided to act in order to preserve our sports as it is and as it should be. Running alone in the woods and trying to find the fastest way all by your self…you can read more about the little letter here.

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