Busy bee takes gold

I’ve been travelling a bit here and there in Finland lately. We took some new pics for Noname and I’ve been enjoying the nice lakeside of Saimaa at my friend’s cottage. And of course orienteered, trained and picked huge amounts of mushrooms:) I just got back home from the Finnish champs in relay (GPS is available). We managed to get a team and finished on the 27th spot. I ran the second leg, just for fun. Yesterday, it was time for my first gold in the Finnish champs for this year. The middle (Route for the qualification and the final in Reittihärveli) was wet and felt hard. Maybe I’ve been training too much this week. Well, next week we’re heading towards the last World cup races. Have to rest so that I’ll be back on my usual level then

Below some pics from the photoshoots and from the mushroom-O-Tc at the cottage.



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