WOC ended with big smiley after all.  Even if I’m not too proud of my o-performance in the relay, I’m so glad that I was able to fight for the team till the end. WOC was mentally really rough this time. First I thought I shouldn’t wait for anything but after the qualifications I got greedy of medals and my self confidence was just too low for it this time. I have to say I’m glad that it’s over now and I can concetrate on the future.

On Monday, I started to train again as the will to get back on my normal level is quite huge. But something’s just not working in my body this summer as yesterday I got some kinda stomache bug again and the training today changed into picking some mushrooms. Hopefully it’s over tomorrow as I’d really like to go and enjoy the great terrain in the last Huippuliiga event on Saturday. Otherwice the weekends will be full of Finnish champs ( and champs;)) and I’d like to be in good form in the world cup finals.

The best view from France below.Mont Blanc

The WOC pages, for instance, provide a lot of other pics too.

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