I want to want

During the past month I wasn’t capable of doing all the stuff that I usually spend the whole summer for. During the last month I’ve been going mentally up and down. A month ago I was happy to be able to run, but now I’m a bit disappointed that I’m don’t have enough time to get to my full speed. During the past month, I’ve been able to get myself on a level that I’m able to dream of medals and take part in the long, middle and most likely also the relay.

However, in a couple of weeks, I want to be happy to be able to run in the WOC and to be able to show my best.  In a couple of weeks I will not think of the past, instead I’ll take the best out of myself. In a couple of weeks, the medals will be given to those who are the most skillful ones and not the ones that have made the best training sessions. In a couple of weeks my legs will be flying and my thoughts will be intense and full. And I want them to be concentrated on one thing only. I want to want to orienteer.

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