Bonjour or not…

It goes so well. As if. Check my routes for today’s Revard session in heavy rain. Sometimes it seems that I know how to orienteer here, but when it goes wrong, it really does…


So when I was getting closer to the sixth control I took a totaly wrong yellow group area and was trying to find a possible control poin there. (We didn’t have any flags today but for most trainings Pasi’s coach Jarmo Heiskanen is here to take the flags out for us.) So when I didn’t find the right place I just thought to go for the seventh control. But as the start place was in wrong direction I ran 180 degrees towards wrong direction (checking the compass too). Luckyly, when I went over the wrong path, nothing was matching anymore and I had to return there. When I realized that I had been running 180 degrees wrong, I got so confused that I had to walk and run along the path in order to understand where I was. I wasn’t even sad or too angry when I finally understood what I had done but merely laughed out loud.

Last week in the Huippuliiga sprint (GPS) the running was really awful but I orienteered even worse. So the situation is that my legs are slow but head is even slower. It’s raining so heavyli still that I quess we’ll have to leave the second o-training out of our program today. Tomorrow we’ll have long distance final simulation in the same Revard terrain. A humble girl will try to find her way out between the rocks and falle trees again. But the girl wont get lost this time. She wont.

Luckyly, it’s been mostly sunny days 🙂

Bangeen menossaBangeen2


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