Help :D

Tomorrow it’s the doom’s day. I’m going to find out if I’m bad, quite bad, quite okay or even surprisingly good in the third Huippuliiga race. Usually, it’s been quite easy to run competitions in Finland as I’ve known my place and pace, but now that everything’s a bit upside down, I may even feel bad after the first controls. I was also training so (or too) much last week that today I still felt very tired, which isn’t really helping at all. NOT AT ALL Well I wouldn’t still change any of the nice climbs on top of the fells. And it’s also more safe to start now that my lungs are x-rayed and seemed to be totally okay!

The day after tomorrow, we’ll be already in France and thanks to nice people in France we even managed to get a place to stay after we noticed that the villages nearby the forests were also on embargoed area…Hopefully, we’ll write some greetings from the camp as well.

By the way, thanks for all the nice greetings and messages during my tuff weeks, I really appreciate them! And then here are still some nice pics from Lapland. I just put them there to get all of you  jealous and inspired to train 😉PorominnaYlläksen takanaKukaksella1Kukaksella2


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