Step by step

Great greetings from Lapland!

During the last week I took a huge running step forward. At last I was able to run in the woods too. Not more than a week ago we were heading towards Pasi’s home in Northern Finland and took part in one o-training on our way. I lost 28 minutes to Pasi on a 6 km course, but at the moment I think the gap would be only half of it:)

I trained nicely at Pasi’s home making long and easy trainings and now the speed and loads just getting harder here in Lapland. I’ve even been making some speedy o-trainings as when you climb up a fell it’s really good technically to orienteer down and still your heart and lungs are not coming out of your mouth. Yesterday, we made a long run and hiking tour on Ounas-fell and I was quite tired in the end. However, it seems to me that if I’m keeping the speed under the aerobic threshold it’s not doing any harm at the moment.

We’ll spend the rest of the week here enjoying the great surroundings. Next week I’ll have my lungs x-rayed again to check if they’re starting to be okay. On Wednesday I’ll maybe try fullspeed running in Lohja’s Huippuliiga sprint. It will be painful after over eight weeks of not running hard at all. Then we’ll head towards France and our own TC there before the test runs for the WOC. And even if I wont be able to take part in WOC, I just have to say it’s great to be back on track and not just laying on a bed or just walking either. I just love to train.


And a couple of maps taken with my cell… Kuertunturi


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