Tourist and playmate

I promised myself not to write here before I can write something positive. I’ve been checking all the possibilities that could be causing the odd feeling I still have 5 weeks after the lung fever but it seems that it’s just the inflammation in my lung that still need some time and there’s nothing else wrong with me, which is good news. Otherwice, I’ve been okay but if I try to run I notice immediately that my body’s not working. That’s why I still have to wait for better times and feelings.

At some point I’ve been wanting to just hide myself from all the questions and especially from all the o-events. But then I thought that it’s better to come out from the fever closet and give some answers right away. Besides, I wanted to see some friends and folks and Pasi as well. Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to have less sporty¬†playgrounds as even if I haven’t been able to orienteer at all my world is rolling around world cup and Jukola anyway.

And I’m not the only one. My sister’s husband was the course setter for the Venla relay this year so she was staying at my father’s with her two little apes for over one week. I was there as well and mostly kept company for the three-year-old, playing all day long. Children are great but I have to admit that it would seem too hard to combine training and them. So, fFor me it’s even more clear that my belly wont grow bigger any time soon, well if I’m not gaining too much weight now that I can’t train properly.

In a week, we’ll head towards Lapland. I’ll take some warms with me as if I can’t enjoy the fells too much, I’ll be at least able to catch some fish. After Lapland , I’ll probably be wiser if I can take part in the TC in France and the WOC, too. Hopefully I will be there feeling normal, well as normal as I ever feel;)

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