Granny in a rollator

2 weeks and 2 days without training. 7 days of antibiotics. Millions of puzzle pieces. 5 books. Lots of bad tv-programs. Huge picture of my ass on the sofa.

Yesterday I walked easily 1h25min with my friend. My other lung is still useless. My heart is beating too much. The highlight of today was to have a picnic with friends. After that I escaped the four walls at home. On the way, I made a nice walk in the national park of Leivonmäki. It was too nice and took too long. I feel as strong as a granny in a rollator competition.

The national team’s tc in France is almost over. FC in sprint is soon over. Jukola and NORT are more or less over. I must try to enjoy the summer before it’s over too. That’s the grannys next goal. To get a wrinkly suntan and roll as far as it goes.

Have a nice summer.




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