10-1, bug is leading

I have one day left till the doomsday. When I woke up this morning with some nice coughing sessions I didn’t have any fever. The last 10 days I’ve had it more or less every day. On Sunday, I thought or merely wished I was better already and made an one hour long easy jogging tour. Yesterday, I was in the bed again and coughing more than before. It’s starting to get quite desperate. My biggest wish at the moment is to be able to get into the plane towards France and to be able to WALK there. Just to see the terrains and feel the rocks. I don’t even dream that I could run too much. 10 days of fever doesn’t excactly boost your form. Now I’m concentrating on my thermometer, visiting doctor again and hoping to get also the tests for the evil mycoplasma too. It’s been too popular among athletes at least here in Finland. When I’m done with this one, I’ll have two months time to get my form back and better.

The bug is maybe leading, but I’m going to kill the bug! Cough,cough,cough


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