Minna Kauppi

Pulppuilevan innokas, iloinen, päättäväinen ja supertehokas.


We’re on a TC in Anttolan Hovi again. I’ve been having really sweatty trainings especially during the nights as I’m still having fever. Fortunately, I got antibiotics yesterday so maybe it’ll get better now. I think 6 days of fever is my personal record.

So it’s been like been on a vacation. I’ve been just laying on my bed and eating. Pasi will head towards Joensuu tomorrow, but I’ll just take my stuff and go home. Our WOC-camp in France starts next week, so I’m really in a hurry to get better in order to make some trainings there.

I’ve actually never been ill this often. I quess all the hulabalo with media after January and the Sports gala combined with heavy training and school days has been too much for me. Well, one thing I know is that there will be no interviews, no school, and I’ll definitely train wiser (not harder) than ever. I’m so pissed off at the moment as everything’s going down the toilet.