I never learn. I’ve done this too many times during this training season and oops, I did it again. As I wrote before I was tired in the competitions last week. Well, I still didn’t rest. Instead I thought I’d recover by training twice a day if I just do it on aerobic level. Well, that’s bullshit. When you’re tired, you must rest. Only a dum girl like me doesn’t understand it.

Yesterday, I raced in the first Huippuliiga in Särkänniemi adventure park. The race was really tricky and I managed okay. (all the results and GPS can be found here!)However, that was it then. In the evening I got fever. Today, I thought it was just a small one and that  I was getting on top of it already. Well, such a stupid cow as Iam I didn’t rest today either. Instead I did all the things I haven’t been doing at home. I made new curtains, hoovered, got rid of this huge amount of clothes and now the good feeling is off again. Some people learn from their mistakes, but dummies don’t.

I was planning to go on a TC next week and I’d really take part in the FC ultralong next weekend, but it seems to me that I should take it easy now. So, check out the results next weekend if you can find a stupid cow’s name there on the result list.

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