So. I ran these Uudenmaan Rastipäivät yesterday and today. The first day was excellent excercice for using compass and running on a quite bad and heavy surface. For me those empty areas tend to be tricky as I’m not really good at running straight…maybe because I’m not using compass too much. My legs were also really heavy on Saturday, which was no wonder as the two rest days without rest after a hard training period didn’t help me to recover;)
By the way, I’ve heard that the terrain is very bad to run in WOC this year, too (I still haven’t seen it by myself). First, you could think that the best runners wont be too strong there. However, I think that all the best o-runners will definitely be good there as you really need to be strong in order to survive all those rocks and big hills. At least, for a tired girl like me it was quite demanding yesterday.
Today, we had a nice middle distance on a better surface and also my legs were more normal. I also did a nice job with the map today, so I got actually two really nice trainings during the weekend. By the way. Those who wonder about the cooper I had, I’ll have to tell you that I was really just a rabbit for the workers there, so still no real result for that test. Actually, it would be good to train more on track competitions too as it’s so different for a slow orienteer. I don’t even have official results for any long distances. I ran 5000m some years ago as a training finishing 17.00, so you could maybe count something from that. I mean for the cooper, too. But before that we can just imagine how it would go…and escape the truth;)


PS: If there will be Routegadget on the organiser’s webpage some time soon, my routes will be available there too.

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