On my own :)

Last weekend I was thinking that it’s a bit boring that our team never goes to Tiomila again. My team mates just have too much life on their own that I’m more or less on my own training hard. On the otherhand, when the main goals are just individual ones at the moment, you can just train as much as you like and as wicely as possible when it comes to the biggest goals of the season.

And this is excactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve been orienteering and running hard and fast and also quite much in kilometers. And actually during the past few weeks I had a great feeling in my body almost in every session. And it was about time, since the last time I felt really good was sometime in February. On Friday I’ll run cooper with my sponsor, Proxion’s workers and in the weekend I’ll be competing in Uudenmaan rastipäivät, where I decided to go just yesterday. I felt it’s about time to get some competitions instead of just thinking of them.

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