Springish feelings

We came back from the sunny Switzerland on Sunday to face the fact that there’s still so much snow in the woods here at home. My TC went mostly in the toilet so it wasn’t really a succes. Luckyly, the feeling in my tummy is getting better and i’ve been able to start to make some stomache-friendly excercises like cycling and easy jogging. As my father’s an ornithologist i also tend to keep my eyes open during my sessions. in the morning I managed to see the first cranes and also two hawks. In the spring I’ve also often enjoyed my dad’s company when he goes and listens to the owls calling for company. We’ll see if I’ve got time to do that too now that I’m spending some days here in Asikkala.

In the weekend, we’re heading to Anttolanhovi to enjoy ourselves a little bit and hopefully we’re even able to make some orienteering there on the Southern sides of the hills. Hopefully I’ll be able to recover for the first competition in Finland, Finnspring, which will be held next week. Before that I’m just checking the weather forecasts too often and enjoying the sun if possible. It would be nice to get our terrace ready for the summer, too…and maybe get some flowers there, which usually die quite quickly as no-one tends to be at home taking care of them.

Just waiting for the sun to kill the snowmen.

xxx Minna


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