I’ve got a clock inside my head. I was just running a nice and long one on paths and thinking of moral and ethics as I’ve got a test in an hour. When I had run a while, I took a look at my watch and quessed I had run about thirty minutes. And so I had. Okay, that’s normal. After ten minutes I made it again. And after 50min, 60min and 70 min I had had a break in my thoughts every ten minutes, almost like a clock was running there. I started to get excited. But of course, after I started to think about the time and didn’t do the things in “flow” anymore, the last 20 minutes didn’t work anymore. I wasn’t using my automatic clock anymore. However, it’s quite interesting how you can have such ”skills” even though the route is not a routine route where you basically know the time you’re spending.

The clock inside my head is, by the way, not the biological one which seems to have ticking quite much among top-orienteers. It seems to me that there must be some kinda conspiracy behind it as so many women aren’t able to run next summer. Must be careful I quess…Anyway, for me as an athlete it’s always boring if I know that not all the best will be on the line. Otherwice it’s of course a really beautiful and happy thing for the athletes themselves. So congratulations all of you and hope you’ll be back soon!

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