Don’t count your chickens…

..before they are hatched, says the old proverb and was just so right again. The minute I thought that everything would go just perfectly, my skis started to glide quite badly and not just because of the minus 30 degrees.

Last Thursday I got a cramp in my back after a strength training, again. And now that I’m starting get it straight this basillus idioticus decided to move from Pasi to me. It’s an annoying one as you’re not having fever, you’re just having a small “feeling” in your tummy and big feeling of being useless. When you’re sick, you should feel like it.

On the other hand, as I tend to think positively, it was really about time to take a longer brake in hard trainings, for both of us. We’ve been doing everything so well for too long now that these freezing days in Finland are really perfect for taking more shit in the pants…We want more and we just enjoy it:)


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