Testing, testing…

I’ve been testing myself during the past couple of days quite many times. We’ve got this new project for top-athletes in Jyväskylä and the first test I took was MART (maximal anaerobic capacity test)on Tuesday. It ment 9 x150m with accelerating speed. The last one was 21,5s and it tells me that the ongoing sprint project is excactly what I need to develop myself. We took also blood tests and I got new personal record with 143Hb, great:)

On Wednesday in National team’s TC we tested ourselves on track again. It was 6x1000m and start every five minutes. I got a really nice result accelerating from 3.28 to 3.02. In fact, it was the first time in my life the speed under 3.15 felt quite easy! On Thursday and on Saturday we tested ourselves in the snowy and hilly test track. Even that went really well, so I’m very satisfied with my performances at the moment.

I got my worst testresults in the sensomotoric tests. I got way too much stiffness in my muscles and they weren’t even working properly. The good thing is that, it’s just a matter of streching and stimulating the right places and working hard with them.

In a couple of weeks I may even take max VO2 test on treadmill. And I’ll also start seing a sportspsychologist then. Wonder how much fun that will be:)


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