Normal and good living

Hello. Been quite busy lately. Running, studying and eating all day long and deciding in which order to do them. I’ve also kept my promise not to answer my phone if I don’t know the number and I’ve also kept my promise to see more friends. I’ve been a little tired from time to time but I’m sure that when the school is over in two months, I’ll have plenty (and too much) time for myself. I may even have time to develop my mental skills, wow!

So that’s about me. Otherwice, last weekend we visited Joensuu, family, friends and Kalevan Rasti folks. Next weekend my sister Riina will turn thirty so we’ll have some special fun:) By the way, I’ve already become auntie for the third time as Eino Ilmari Liuha was born a couple of months ago and my brother’s family’s also going to get bigger any time soon. So, all kinda of nice and normal stuff is going on.

Next week, we’ll have the first (forest) national team’s TC in Vierumäki sports centre. Tonight I’ll also start teaching Finnish. Mr A. Nordberg is coming soon and I quess we’ll have to start famliarizing him with the Finnish sauna, makkara and sisu;)


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